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Sumaiya improved her fitness – and got her confidence back

Sumaiya improved her fitness – and got her confidence back

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Since having her second child, Sumaiya had struggled to make time for regular exercise. Having lost touch with many of her friends following the birth, her confidence had taken a knock and she was feeling quite down and socially isolated.

Sumaiya heard about HLS Gloucestershire and decided to call and ask for support to get more active. Healthy lifestyles coach John recently started working with her and she’s making great progress. We caught up on two of their recent meetings, to see what they discussed and how Sumaiya had got on since their earlier meetings.

February 20th

John: “Last time you were in we talked about you wanting to get more active. You said you’ve done a little in the past but wanted to do some more.”

Sumaiya: “Yes, it’s just my confidence right now really as it’s been such a long time since I’ve been active or sociable to be honest. I find it really difficult to do normal things with friends so even thinking about exercise makes me quite anxious.”

John: “Yes. So, we talked about some of the things you thought you might have to do to exercise and how the gym isn’t something you have to do. You mentioned you’d thought about going along to some walking groups near you. How did you get on with that?”

Sumaiya: “Yes. Well, one of my friends went last year and she’d been trying to get me to go along but I’ve never had the confidence to go. You mentioned about giving it a go too which has encouraged me. I might go along with my friend sometime this month and see how I get on.”

John: “So, you said your friend had got a lot of benefit from going on the walks?”

Sumaiya: “Yes, it really just made her much more confident. They’re doing lots more different things together and she’s joined the toning centre at G1. So, I can see a lot of changes in her which is making me pluck up the courage to go.”

John: “That’s great. So, on a scale of one to ten – ten being confident and one being not confident at all - where do you see yourself at the moment?”

Sumaiya: “I think about five. Even though the anxiety’s still there, I have a bit more confidence. If you’d asked me two weeks ago, I would have said a three but because I’ve had the encouragement from my family and you, it’s really helped, and I’ve felt stronger to push myself that bit more.”

John: “Well, I’m still here to support you. We’ve got another two weeks of meeting each other, Sumaiya - and you can call me too if you want to.”

Sumaiya: “Thank you. These sessions have really helped me – and you ringing me to check how I’m doing. That encouragement and support is exactly what I needed. People around me telling me: ‘You can do this, get out there!’”

John: “You’re welcome. I’m really pleased to be able to help you – and let’s see how it goes.”

March 6th

John: “Hi Sumaiya. Welcome back! So, how have you been getting on since we last met?”

Sumaiya: “You know what? I did eventually go to one of the walking groups and it was great. I made a couple of new friends and we’ve got a plan going. We’re going swimming together. I’m so glad I did it!”

John: “Brilliant! You mentioned your friend did the walking groups. Was she there?”

Sumaiya: “Yes, she’s really got a taste for it now! She’s doing so well and is even talking about doing a race for life run this year. I’m hoping I can get to do things like that too eventually.”

John: “So, what about the future then for you? It’s great that you went along to do the walk. Are you going to go again?”

Sumaiya: “Yes, definitely! I’ve committed to do this with one of my new friends. When we got talking, we realised how similar we are. She had similar struggles to me. She had a new baby and was feeling quite lonely – and we connected, I think, because she went through the same things as me. It made me think I’m not alone – there are other people out there going through similar stuff.”

John: “Fantastic! It’s not always easy to get going, but once you take those first steps, it can be really good.”

Sumaiya: “That’s so true. Now I’m thinking it’s all go – and no way am I going to back off. We’re going swimming with our little ones once a week, and we’re doing that walk as well. Thank you for helping and supporting me. It’s what I needed, and it was so important to get that encouragement.”

John: “You know, I think the goals you set were really specific and they’ve obviously been really useful to get you there, so well done, Sumaiya – you’ve done so well!”

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