Peter got more active, cut down on his drinking and lost a stone in just six months



Peter was working in Gloucester city centre when he spotted our healthy lifestyles coaches promoting the service from the NHS bus. He’d been thinking about trying to lose some weight for a while and seeing the bus provided the nudge he needed to get some extra help.

“Once upon a time I was a lot lighter than I am now,” said Peter. “I just approached (the bus) and asked what was going on and I thought: ‘Yes, I’m going to do it!’”

He admitted he was a little nervous at first about having to admit to all his bad habits but then he thought: “Well, go for it! I want to do it.”

Just over six weeks into his 12-week programme of support, Peter has already lost over a stone – more than 7 kilos.

Peter’s coach Nurcan started with some simple advice and encouragement - to make small changes to his diet one step at a time. Added up, these changes would help him get to his goal.

“We spoke about what in my diet was too many calories,” said Peter.

“I was very fond of red wine. We worked out how much I was drinking in a typical week - and how many calories that was. It was 28 units, basically double the recommended weekly allowance!

“I wrote a food diary of what I was eating. Looking at it on paper made me think maybe I should cut down. I was very fond of cheese – and bread ….”

Nurcan helped Peter draw up a weight loss plan which included small goals like no more than a matchbox size of cheese per day, one drink per day and swapping his unhealthy snacks to healthier ones, such as wholemeal bread.

Peter said: “I learnt a lot about different food types that are needed within a diet such as the different fibres and how you need soluble and non-soluble. You can still eat, by all means – you just realise what is good for you.”

Nurcan also encouraged Peter to exercise more. He was already cycling to work every day but took the decision to walk up Robinswood Hill once a week too.

“I feel much better in myself and have much more energy,” he said.

Asked if he would have had as much success without Nurcan’s help, Peter said:

“No, because I would have back-slided. Without Nurcan’s help I think I would have just done it for a bit and then slipped off because I just didn’t realise how many things I was doing that I needed to adjust.”

Nurcan said: “We are going to carry on for another six weeks and in the final session we will discuss what things Peter is going to carry on doing. If he needs further help he can call me and if he wants to use the service again he can.

“The most important thing is that he takes the tools and knowledge with him so that he carries on losing weight – and I am very confident in Pete to do that as he has done really well so far and knows now what he needs to keep doing.”

Asked what advice he would give to others wanting to lose weight, Peter said:

“Do it! Don’t worry because the whole atmosphere here, it doesn’t criticise, it just shows you the way to go - and that’s such a good thing.”

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