Brigid got a referral to Slimming World and lost nearly 3 stone

After contacting HLS Gloucestershire, we advised Brigid to contact her GP for extra support to lose weight. Brigid’s personal circumstances meant she was eligible for a free 12 week Slimming World course and her GP gave her a referral, enabling her to start the programme of support.

Thanks to the Slimming World programme, Brigid has so far lost 2st and 11lbs.

Talking about her experience, Brigid said:

“I wanted to lose weight because I needed to be healthy. I was referred to Slimming World by my doctor’s surgery – it’s not likely that I’d have joined without this.

“When I first went to join, I felt a bit nervous but I was made very welcome. My consultant, Claire, is so encouraging.

“Now I enjoy my evening at Slimming World each week, and I get lots of help and support if I need it. It’s really good to meet people on the same journey.

“I can eat anything – it’s not a diet. I don’t feel hungry and I just try to plan ahead.

“I had a lot of health issues before losing weight which are now improving – these included arthritis, fatty liver, high blood pressure and feeling generally rubbish. I was really exhausted most of the time but I feel much better now.

“Since starting my weight loss journey, I walk a lot more than I did. The best thing is that I feel like I have more freedom as I don’t drive.

“We go out more and I don’t ache all the time. I feel I have a better quality of life.”

Do you qualify for a free Slimming World course?

Depending on your situation, you might qualify for a free 12-week course with Slimming World. Ask your GP if you qualify.

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