Tracy lost 3 &1/2 stone with Slimming World on referral

Tracy, age 73, weighed 22½ stones and was on the waiting list for hip surgery when she first contacted us. Due to her weight, we were able to help her get a referral, through her GP, onto a free 12 week Slimming World programme. Here is her story:

“My specialists recommended that I lose weight because I needed surgery and they said it would help  with my recovery. They suggested Slimming World on referral. It’s extremely unlikely I’d have joined if I hadn’t had the conversation with my health specialists.

“When I went along to join the group I didn’t really know what to expect, but after losing 9lbs in my first week, my attitude was very positive.

“I like the food choices and not feeling that you have to eat tiny portions which don’t fill you up. Kerry is a fabulous consultant who makes everyone feel welcome and always motivates you to carry on.

“My Slimming World group as a whole is very friendly and welcoming. Since losing weight I get less pain in my hips and both my specialists have confirmed that my surgery is no longer needed."

We're so pleased for Tracy. She's done so well, losing 3 ½ stones with Slimming World.

See if you can get a free 12 week Slimming World course. Call us today on 0800 122 3788.

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