One small step … your pledges to get healthy blew us away!

This summer our coaches were out and about, encouraging the people of Gloucestershire to take that important first step towards a healthier lifestyle – and you blew us away with your pledges!

We were out on the health bus in town centres across the county with suggestions of simple pledges you can make to improve your health - and your family’s.

Together, we smashed our pledge target – reaching 157%. That’s great news for you and great news for Gloucestershire – well done!

Your pledges included ‘Eat more fruit’, ‘Have a walk on my lunch break’, ‘Lose two stone by Christmas’ and many more.

Making a pledge is that first small step to feeling your best and is a great starting point for setting yourself some health goals to aim for.

Ready to take that first step today?

Call us FREE today on 0800 122 3788 or visit for lots of tips and ideas to get you on your way.

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