A helping hand – how our coaches support their clients

Ever wondered about our coaches and the support they give their clients? Here’s a snapshot view from healthy lifestyles coach Nurcan, talking about the different ways she works with clients to help them achieve their goals.

What kind of help to you give people through your role?

We support people with lifestyle issues – such as weight management, physical activity, smoking and alcohol.

Whoever we work with, we would always them offer all the services. So, for instance, one of my clients started on a smoke-free journey but then, once that was finished, she went on to weight management.

If someone decides they want to quit smoking, how would your support make a difference?

We offer Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and Champix - and there’s also behaviour change therapy for people who can’t take medication or don’t like to.

The client comes to see us every week or fortnight. We help them set goals and give them handy tips on how to cope.

Does setting goals make a difference to how successful they are?

Yes definitely. We use smart goals a lot, and these can be quite small goals, so they don’t feel like they’re too hard to achieve. Lots of little goals add up to help clients achieve their main goal.

Then, setting and achieving small goals every day or week, clients feel good about themselves and are motivated to carry on as their confidence grows.

How can your support help when clients are finding things difficult?

Often smokers tell us it’s difficult to stay still; they clean their house, organise their wardrobes, do some DIY to take their mind off things. As a coach, we might suggest they do some physical activity, for example, join the gym, go to a class or for a run.

What if they don’t feel very confident about going to the gym? How would you help with that?

We can go with them to their first gym session. Also, our local gym offers a ladies only section and ladies only classes which are great for ladies who feel intimidated by a mixed gym.

What about the lady you were helping to quit smoking? Did she keep it going?

Yes, she’s stopped smoking successfully. She quit about four months ago and since then she’s also lost around two stones.

How much of your help did she need?

Meeting up every two weeks was really helpful for her, looking at her food diary and making small individual goals. Meeting up is a great way of tracking if clients are likely to reach their goals and to see any areas where they might be going wrong.

How does she feel now?

She feels really good!

Could she have done it without your help?

She told me: “I would never have been able to do it without you,” but I believe they do it themselves. We are here to support them and provide a good service, we do our part of the job. But they have to do their part - sticking to their goals - and my client has done really well at that.

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