The Whole Truth about Wholegrains

The Whole Truth about Wholegrains

What's the fuss about wholegrains?
Wholegrain products are often sold as healthier alternatives, but why is this? We’ve explored some of the reasons why wholegrain and wholewheat products can bring extra health benefits when added to your diet.

When carbohydrates are white, such as white pasta/white rice, they have certain ingredients like bran and germ removed. Bran and germ may not sound too appealing, but these are great sources of fibre and nutrients.

Wholegrains also provide more nutrients than white carbohydrates such as, fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, protein, and many other nutrients. Due to this increase in nutrients, including wholegrain products in our diets has been shown to improve heart and gut health and reduce risk of some cancers and type two diabetes.

There are plenty of wholegrain options on supermarket shelves, here are some examples to look out for on your next shopping trip:
• Oats
• Barley
• Brown rice or wild rice
• Wholewheat
• Rye
• Quinoa
• Wholemeal bread, wraps, pittas, chapattis
• Wholegrain cereals
• Bulgur Wheat
• Rye bread and rye crackers
• Wholemeal flour

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