Drink Up, Slim Down: Health Coach Reveals the Importance of Water for Weight Loss

Drink Up, Slim Down: Health Coach Reveals the Importance of Water for Weight Loss


“Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet, but one of the most vital” – Julia Child

Did you know, just one in four people in the UK are drinking enough water? Keeping your fluid intake up is essential for our bodies to function well. Though the recommended water intake varies from person to person, the current UK recommendations are to drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day. 

One of our expert Health Coaches at Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire, Alana, shares the importance of drinking water to aid weight loss on your weight management journey. 

1. Water is a natural appetite suppressant

When the stomach senses it is full, it sends a signal to the brain to stop eating. Water can aid this sense of fullness, reducing feelings of hunger. You may think you are hungry when they are simply thirsty. A tip for reducing unnecessary snacking is drinking a glass of water before reaching for something to eat. 

A study into water intake where 50 overweight females drank 500ml of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to their regular water intake for 8 weeks found that participants experienced a reduction in body weight, body fat, and body mass index. Participants also reported appetite suppression. 

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2. Water molecules are needed to burn fat

Without water, the body is not able to properly metabolise stored fat or carbohydrates. Drinking enough water is essential for burning off fat from food and drink consumption, as well as stored fat. Drinking water can help to reduce your overall liquid calorie intake.

Water is a much better alternative for you than sugary drinks, it has 0 calories and of course, no sugar. Research carried out by the National Institutes of Health suggests that individuals who drink water instead of sugary drinks are often more successful in losing weight and keeping it off.

Try drinking lukewarm lemon water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning as according to nutritionist, Laura Parada, “Drinking water on an empty stomach is an effective way to stimulate the metabolism and hydrate the body.”

3. Water keeps you hydrated when exercising

Another important aspect of weight loss is exercise. Water helps muscles, connective tissues, and joints to move correctly while exercising. Being hydrated reduces the risk of muscle cramps, fatigue, and dehydration. When exercising, having water available is essential to optimise performance, boost energy levels and fuel your muscles.

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