Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire and what you can expect when you join and start your journey to being your best you.

Yes, your data is accessed by your personal HLS Gloucestershire coaches and not shared with any third parties.

When you take the first step to join HLS Glos as a member, you will begin a 12-week programme based on your objectives – to lose weight, stop smoking, get more active or cut down on your alcohol consumption. You will be assigned a personal coach who will be with you every step of the way, with face to face or virtual coaching sessions that fit with your lifestyle.

There is no cost to join and become a member of the HLS Glos community. HLS Gloucestershire is funded by Gloucestershire County Council to support residents to live healthier lifestyles.

We work with you to understand your objectives and schedule one-to-one sessions with your personal coach over the phone, face to face or online that fit in with your schedule.

HLS Glos have supported thousands of people to lose weight, get more active and stop smoking – and we can help you too. With our help you are x3 more likely to succeed with our programme that is designed to provide motivation to make small changes that have a big difference.

At HLS Glos, we are trained coaches who provide support that is tailored to you. We work with you to change behaviour to help you form new habits that are sustainable, and take it step by step. We are not fitness instructors, but we do know how to help you move more whether that’s walking, cycling or running – we work to your capability and at your pace.

Our expert coaches have the insight to change your mindset when it comes to eating healthily on a budget. We have a range of resources that we take you through to source budget friendly recipes, ideas for food prep, meal planning and portion sizes to create a foundation that puts you in control at the supermarket.

We are a confidential service and have supported hundreds of people who want to take control of their drinking and cut down. We understand that a glass of wine after a meal is part of unwinding after a long day, but if you feel that you are having the odd glass more frequently then we are here to help. Our approach is to work with you to set objectives and look at alternatives to refocus your mind from using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

We provide FREE nicotine replacement therapy and our programme provides one-to-one support alongside NRT and are with you every step of the way. The average smoker who quits can save up to £4,000 a year (based on smoking 20 a day) – imagine what you could use that money for!

Every individual weight loss journey is different; therefore, we tailor a plan that suits your lifestyle and that is sustainable in the long term. We don’t advocate restrictive diets, instead we explore a back to basics approach that works by re-establishing your relationship with food to eat more of what’s good for you – with the odd treat for extra motivation.