There are many activities you can do safely during this time to support both you and your baby’s health. You can start exercising at any time during pregnancy.

It’s important to move a little every day if you can.

Even just aiming for a light walk is good for your body.

If you’re having a normal pregnancy, you are safe to stay active comfortably right up to the end of your pregnancy. Our coaches will work with you to:

  • Motivate you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals during your pregnancy and after your baby is born
  • Gain or maintain a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy
  • Return to your pre-pregnancy or goal weight
  • Set an exercise goal plan.


This is a wonderful time to look after yourself from the inside out and learn to work with your body, not against it. Even if you’re used to being active, you’ll need to adapt your activities a bit as your bump gets bigger. 

Click this link to find out about physical activity guidelines whilst pregnant. 



Ideally, it is good to aim for half an hour of activity every day. Spending too much time sitting down without being active can lead to excess weight gain, loss of fitness, more aches and pains and an increased risk of gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia 



It’s also important to not push yourself too hard as this can make you overheat, which is not good for your baby. Listen to your body and always tell your health coach, midwife or doctor if you’re worried about pain or discomfort. For more information click here




There are lots of different ways you can stay active! Our coaches will work one-to-one with you to develop an exercise plan.





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