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We have supported thousands of people in Gloucestershire to lose weight! We’re here to help you achieve a healthy weight right now AND enjoy a new healthy diet for the future.

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One-to-one time with your own coach

Meetings at a time and place convenient for you within the Gloucestershire area

FREE 12-week personalised programme

FREE weight checkpoints at our Weigh & Go drop-in

FREE WW and Slimming World sessions (GP referral)

FREE recipes & tips

Access to an online community through our Best-You app


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**Ask your GP if you qualify and if eligible, your GP can refer you to Slimming World if you meet the criteria. If you don't, our coaches can support you on a one-to-one basis.



When we live such busy lives it can be really hard to make a change to your diet and exercise...and stick to it - we hear you! Let us break down just some of those myths that might stop you from giving it a go.

We will help you make time, our food diaries make planning easy and our Best You App helps you to stay good on the go!

Well, our 12 week programme is FREE and there are lots of budget friendly recipes, supermarket offers and more to help us to eat healthier.

We have lots of great tasting, easy recipes to keep up the variety on your plate! Treats are allowed too, it's just all about moderation.


Sometimes all we need to do is remember the basics of healthy eating to make sure we stay right on track. Here's just a few of our top tips and guideline recommendations to help you on your way to the best you.

  • Don't skip breakfast
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat high fibre foods
  • Reduce the salt in your diet
  • Go for the sugar swap
  • Plan your meals in advance


Extra Support

Many people join our service to lose weight, but would like help in other areas as well. This is totally fine - we're here to help you achieve what’s important to you!

Whether you’re thinking about giving up smoking, getting more active, cutting down on alcohol or just improving your overall wellbeing, our specially qualified coaches are trained to help.


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